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Oriel College Music Room, Oxford

These 19th Century Traceries were in poor condition with many cracks and missing pieces throughout. Many cracks were covered with a thick plumber’s tape which overtime had broken down and become very sticky. After an onsite inspection by Robert Holloway and our site worker it was understood that the complete traceries could not be removed due to the complicated nature of the wooden framework butting up against the stonework. There was also the added problem of the original putty being as hard as cement, this posed a real risk of further damage to the already fragile and thin glass.

Five panels had very large areas of glass missing and as a result we were able to remove the remaining fragments very carefully. These were transported to our studio and inserts were hand painted, stained and kiln fired to sympathetically match in with the original glass. The complete panels were then resin bonded together and back plated. The finished panels were then fitted back insitu. The remaining panels were very carefully cleaned and restored insitu bringing them back to vibrant life.

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